Sam Boardman

Washington, DC
Racing License
Favorite Place To Ride
Riding in Belgium was absolutely rad, especially since the cycling infrastructure is so comprehensive. You can pretty much ride from one major city to another and see maybe five cars or scooters, one of which is bound to motor-pacing another cyclist anyway. Stateside, Marin County and in and around the Bay area is awesome, but I love the riding we have in the Santa Monica Mountains near UCLA.
Favorite Strava Segment
Best Marc Pro Pad Placement
Favorite H24 Product
Definitely Prolong when it's a cold day and I can't be bothered to unwrap my food.
Favorite Food
Fried fish burrito from Juanita's in Encinitas OR the "La Bandera" dish from Los Hermanos back home in D.C.
Favorite Drink
Some bougie hot chocolate
If Im Not Riding I Am
I'm scrambling to finish school work on time while using strategically timed therapeutic grocery shopping breaks to catch up on podcasts.
Life Goal
To be a pro cyclist among other things (duh), but also to become a teacher and have some kind of positive impact on my students. If I can be the teacher whose class kids are excited to go to, I'll be able to die a happy man.
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
¡Hablo español!
Pro Tip
Coming from an English major, if you need to read a book for school and find you don't have the time, buy the audiobook and listen to it on long solo rides to be extra productive! (At an appropriate and safe volume, of course).
Best Tactical Advice
Speaking from experience, stop being a powerslave during races. When it comes to competition, the number should be secondary, so unless you are on some kind of Fabian Cancellara-esque epic solo from 2 million kilometers out, focus on the organic nature of the race and react to others by just listening to your body and responding accordingly. You'll find you'll end up being more efficient that way and you'll avoid getting caught up in having the numbers tell you how you feel.
Best Way To Recover
I'm a die-hard subscriber to chocolate milk, stretching, and laying with my back on the floor and my my legs vertically propped up against the wall for 10-15 minutes, in that order. The last one is supposedly meant to drain the lactic acid from your legs post-ride. It's probably in the same realm of bogus advice as the old adage not sleep in the same room as plants because they rob you of precious oxygen, but I figure you gotta buy into at least one piece of physiological juju if you want to make it in the dog-eat-dog game of marginal gains, right?
Best Training Advice
Stop sitting in during a group ride. It's a group ride. Get to the front, hammer it until your legs catch fire, hammer it some more, and if you fall to the back, you fall to the back. Getting fit is way more valuable than looking cool, calm, and collected.
Craziest Place Slept For A Bike Race
The BKE house up at UC Santa Cruz before their collegiate race. Whether it's the toilet inevitably overflowing or the former team president building and spray painting the podium boxes at 1:00am the night before the race and then proceeding to compete in said race, it's always a good time. Also, hands down one of the comfiest foutons in NorCal, for sure.
Tell Us A Joke
A dyslexic man walks into a bra.