Nick Schaffner

Reno, NV
Racing License

I grew up in Minnesota where I discovered bike racing while attending Art School. It wasn’t long before I was riding my bike more than I was going to class. I moved out to Norcal in 2001 chasing the dream of riding bikes. I spent the next couple of years overtraining and underfeeding myself until I couldn’t ride or race anymore. After a few forced years off the bike, I returned in 2007 with informed training methods. I am one of the founding members of the team.

Favorite Race
Leesville Gap
Favorite Place To Ride
Dirt Roads
Favorite Strava Segment
Best Marc Pro Pad Placement
Favorite H24 Product
Rebuild Strength
Favorite Food
Chocolate Nut Butter
Favorite Drink
Earl Grey Tea
If Im Not Riding I Am
Life Goal
World domination and/or owning a mobile home
One Thing You Do Not Know About Me
I can do a kickflip
Pro Tip
Recovery, nutrition and sleep are more important than your workouts. It's easy to work out, but it's hard to live the rest of your day like a proper athlete. That's the biggest difference between pros and amateurs.
Best Tactical Advice
Practice your sprint every week, even if it's terrible. It's how most bike are won, even if it's down to just two riders.
Best Way To Recover
Get calories in your body after a hard workout, even if it has to be junk food. Anything less and you will compromise the rest of your week.
Best Training Advice
Training response is extremely indivdualized. What works for one person, will probally not work for you. Stop wasting your time and get a good coach.
Favorite Jakroo Detail
The tiny little reflectors sewn into various spots on the kits. Helps keep me safe!
Favorite Natures Bakery Bar